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Finding and Applying for a Position:

To look for a position, you can use the different filter buttons (Keyword Search, Skills, Youth, etc.) to narrow down your search, or click on ‘All Positions’ to take a look at all positions available. (See filter descriptions below for more information)

Once you find a position that you wish to apply to, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button (or follow instructions in the position description). Organizations might have different application procedures, including filling out forms, interviews, applying by email, etc. You may wish to connect with the organization directly to find out more information on the position and how to apply.

Filter Descriptions:

All Positions: See a list of all available positions.

Keyword Search: Enter a keyword/phrase to narrow down your search to positions and organizations related to or containing that word/phrase.

Organizations: This is a list of our member organizations, where you can find more information about an organization and see its available positions.

Skills: The skills you might be using or learning through the volunteering position.

Interests: This category entails the different fields of the organizations, the types of positions and their general tasks and themes, etc.

Special Events: Positions that fall under this category are generally part of one-day, multiple-days or short-term events and activities, such as festivals, marathons, exhibitions, etc.

ESL: These are positions that are either directed at or suitable for those who speak English as an additional language and are not fluent and/or would like to practice their English.

Youth: Find positions directed at or suitable for youth ages 13-18.


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